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Welcome to our website!

You can purchase everything you need for Highland Dancing - Highland Outfits, National Outfits, kilts, jackets, hose, blouses, shoes, overboots, accessories, etc.

We are based just outside Falkirk so please call if you need an appointment to choose your outfit or to get measured on 07905 670 253 or through Karen Batchelor on Facebook.

Now supplying judges outfits.

 Purchase online using Paypal or by email using mobile payments secured through Sumup.

We manufacture in Scotland and ship all over the world providing high quality dancewear and accessories for the Highland Dancer.

Remember we do alterations to kilts.  Letting hems down etc. Please call or email for prices.

All garments are made to RSOBHD regulations. 

Highland World is owned and operated by Laura Gregory who has been involved in the retail trade and Highland Dancing for many years and also Karen Batchelor who assists in the running of the company.

Laura is a qualified dance teacher under RSOBHD. Highland Dance classes in Falkirk please email or call for details.

Please allow around 6-7 weeks for hornpipes, jig outfits and white dresses. Full outfits and aboyne outfits are around 12-15 weeks.  We do have some outfits in stock so please email or call if you require anything in a hurry!

Scottish and Canadian tartans available. New tartans from DC Dalgliesh, Tartantown and Highland in Style.

Appointments are available for getting measured and fittings. Come along and choose from our fabulous tartans and velvets for your new outfits.Please call or email for an appointment.

Please return any goods within 14 days of purchase if you need to exchange for another size etc.

Please do not hesitate to call me on 07905 670 253 or email

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